Plant Based Products

Next generation of egg replacement.

In a market where plant based products continue to be in demand, Holton introduces their latest original product line. This plant-based egg white alternative in powder form is unlike anything available in the market.

Our Products

These new, multi-function ingredient systems have outstanding foaming ability and extended shelf life, comparable to Holton’s traditional egg white systems.

Excellent freeze thaw stability enables manufacturers to produce, freeze and store products with comparable texture and quality of their fresh counterparts. Food products formulated with this revolutionary egg white alternative resist syneresis and drying out under all storage conditions. 

In addition to countless baking and dessert applications, these products have uses in the prepared foods, confectionery and beverage arenas as well. Holton’s plant-based egg white alternative has excellent binding capabilities.  Enhancing the texture and chewing qualities of confectionery products and providing superior foams for beverage toppings are also examples of the wide variety of benefits this line offers.

The new products are Kosher, allergen-free, and are not formulated with any genetically modified ingredients. 

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